What is with all of the fear and where is it coming from?

Things are heating up in the world and no matter which

direction you look you will find chaos, anger, frustration, division, negativity, and hate. I was stuck in it for so very long. I used to be addicted to cable news, I couldn't get enough of it and I thought that if I watched it all of the time I could make a difference. Of course this never happened. I only poisoned myself. I had been on a path of enlightenment for years and yet here I was addicted to fear. Clearly it was from within me and I needed to climb that mountain to experience the fullness of the fear. I lived on the edge of my seat, prepping on the side while resisting the flow of the universe. The most memorable turning point for me looking back now was a book that I had randomly ordered from Amazon. I order books daily, anything that peaks my interest for whatever reason, I simply order the book. I love books. This particular book was very different from my general consciousness expanding materials. I couldn't even tell you why I ordered it or who inspired me to do so but one day I looked at this book on my book shelf and I had to read it.

What was within this book were truths of our reality that I had never encountered. It took the world that I thought I knew and it turned it upside down. I was a life long patriot, red, white and blue. I grew up loving sports, apple pie and politics. I loved politics so much I even majored in it at college. But this book took everything that I thought I knew and spit it all right back at me with some harsh realities. The world I thought I knew was nothing like the truths on the pages of this book. This book is by John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. I can't say if it is a book for you or not, but for me it was a major turning point. I have shared it with members of my family, with others that I know, hoping that it too will help wake them up to what has been going on. I was no longer able to watch cable news or any main stream media for that matter, it wasn't telling me the truth.

Once I turned off the news I began to seek out the anti-media. I didn't even know that such a thing existed. I thought I was enlightened, I thought I had come a long way on my journey of awakening by dancing with my shadow and doing inner personal work, but now I was seeing a whole new reality. I was seeing that there was more going on than I was being told. I decided to finally read Orwell's 1984. I had never read it, but I was starting to see the word "Orwellian" every where I looked so I thought it was time to educate myself on what that meant. The book was dark and depressing, it was painful to read and left me in pits after putting it down. It is almost unbearable to read quite honestly, especially compared to the expansive consciously shifting books that I had become accustomed to reading. Once I was finished with the book a crack in the damn of information began to appear in front of me. More information, more knowledge, more wisdom began seeping into my consciousness, truth began to shows it head to me and I was intrigued. This is when I discovered rabbit holes.

My year began with the theme of fear. Fear of surgery, fear of failure, fear of self, fear based addictions, fear of everything. WOW! Was I consumed with fear! And here I thought was evolving, LOL! Well, not so quickly! Fear was something buried deep within me and I was accessing it and expressing it as my reality, I just didn't realize that it was coming from within me. As I began to recognize all of this fear, I wanted to know more. Why are we being pumped full of fear? Where is it all coming from? To say that this took me down a rabbit hole would be an understatement. I dove head first down that hole and began to explore the fear that is prevalent in the world today. Everywhere you look we are being pushed with fear, hate, division it is all around us.

As I molded this fear in my thoughts, dreamt with it, toyed with it I came to a place of awakening that showed me how fear is used to control us, to control society, to control the world's perspective and ultimately to manipulate humanity into going along with agendas that truly do not serve us. I started to see that our expression of fear is actually fuel for the negative energies running our planet. It is like the movie Monster's Inc, where the monsters fill up canisters of fear to fuel their world. Everything in plain sight. This is what has been happening to us on a very unconscious level. Maybe not you, but for the majority of humanity this is a very real occurrence. We are being bombarded with reasons to hate other people because of their race, color, sex, religion, creed, you name it, fear and hate are being pushed on society from all directions. Ah, but once you turn off the news, turn off your cable TV, turn off the chatter and start to seek the truth you will find that there is truly nothing to fear.

Being in fear perpetuates the victimhood mentality that is keeping humanity enslaved. This is the drama triangle. Victim-Villain-Hero.

This is the paradigm we have been living in, and this is the description of the cast of characters that show up to fill the rolls within the drama. But what is at the center of the triangle? FEAR, fight, flee, freeze, faint.

What is beyond the Triangle? ALIVENESS, Flow, Free, Fluid, Full, Forget. We can start to see who the cast of characters actually are, our coach, our challenger and our creator.

Once we step out of the victimhood mentality we step into our role as Creator's. Once we no longer define our life experiences as happening to us, but rather happening for us we begin to realize that we are in control of our life experience and we do not require FEAR for this experience at all. This is truly a mental shift in perspectives. It took me being immersed in fear to come to the other side of it. It took me being consumed by fear to become free of it. It took me being a victim to realize that I am a Creator. How did all of this unfold? Well, let's just say it is a day to day to path of putting one step in front of the other, of following the bread crumbs on the ground to my next great revelation. It wasn't easy and it is not easy, learning through duality is difficult, it brings us the experience as the lesson and when we get lost in it and step into victimhood we perpetuate the experience in our life over and over unconsciously. Becoming conscious is the the only way out and so I have become more consciously aware than I have ever been and I am seeing more truths than I have ever seen.

The biggest truth I have come to embody to date is that we are Creators. We create our experiences, mostly unconsciously, and therefore do not understand the power of consciousness. I have come to realize that at the top of the pyramid of control on our planet is a battle for our consciousness. Those running the show know consciousness and have always had it. They have hidden it from humanity for centuries and only now are we on mass levels becoming aware that we have been manipulated, controlled, and lulled into a story that isn't true. For me this has been a very liberating journey. I am now free to create my reality, I process the experiences that come forth as my own creation, not as a victim of my experiences, and I am now experiencing tremendous abundance because that is what I am consciously seeking to create. We do not require fear to grow, in fact it is fear that is keeping us from expanding and evolving. As my little one said this morning, and of course a great man once said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

So where has this blog post come from? It is coming from my heart to your heart to tell you not to be in fear, not to fear the chaos of the world, or the changes that are unfolding. The skeletons are dancing out of the closets and we are all being made aware of what is going on, some more so than others, but don't worry we will all get there in our own way. We have hit the tipping point and the momentum of humanity is pushing towards truth, liberation, freedom and creation. We cannot be stopped from waking up, but we can be distracted, so tune out the noise, the violence, the separation, the negativity that is being pumped into our consciousness and tune into the vibration of love, unity, and oneness. Seek a greater understanding of yourself and find your Creator within you. You are amazing, you are incredible, you are one of a kind and we need you and everyone else on this planet to come together in mass consciousness to create an age of Golden Light on our planet, an age of Abundance. As Creators we will all experience this Abundance. Now go journal with your fears and let them go.