Today's Rabbit Hole

I was still asleep when I heard the distinct chime go off on my phone, an earthquake has happened but I am not shaking, my footing is solid, I lay awake for a few more minutes to see if I will feel the shaking but nothing moves, the bed lays still and I drift back off to sleep, I will check the app on my phone when I get up for the day. Yesterday I had watched a video on a large amount of carbon monoxide releasing off into our air space here in southern california. I did not realize it was happening at all, but I had experiened several of the symptoms related to this gas without even realizing it. My son has had a headache for days, my husband has had flu like symptoms, I slept for days, exhausted and completely foggy. I have to tell you it is so strange to watch the video and see what happens as the gas emits into our airspace. Being that it is invisible it is not something we would normally realize is happening, and for whatever reason the main stream media does not feel this is a story that should be covered. Although there are several videos I have watched now, this is the original video that came across my desk that I viewed, The aritcle which I read connected to this video stated that carbon monoxide is and/or can be a precursor to an Earthquake. When I watched the video and I saw the concentration seeming to emit orginally from just north of Los Angeles. It brought forth a memory of a friend who in a trio had a vision of a major earthquake taking place along an unknown fault line running through Santa Monica, CA. The devastation was widespread and homes were falling off into the ocean. In fact she stated that the vision was so intenese that they all immediately backed off and shut down the viewing and were completely spooked by the event. I think she told me this story back in 2011. When my chime went off to indicate that an earthquake had occurred, I wondered if this was going to be the big one that they have predicted for us here in Southern California. It wasn’t and maybe it won’t come at all, I don’t know. I do know that I have frantically been hoarding water now for years, I have increased my food supplies and supplies just in case something does happen. In fact I could audibly hear a few people gasp when they saw me loading my cart at Trader Joes with Alkaline water. I was daring them in my head to ask me why, go ahead, just ask me, I will tell you, I will tell you all about the rabbit hole I have fallen down today and my concern for an earthquake. I call it concern because I dare not call it fear, fear is exactly that which I should not be submitting myself too, yet clearly I do it day in and day out. Fear that the market is going to crash, I had a vivid lucid dream about it in February/March 2015. Fear that we are going to have an earthquake, fear that there is an agenda beyond my control playing out on our planet, fear that no one will wake up and realize that we have all been scammed, fear about not being a good mother, fear of being a terrible wife, a bad friend, a bad neighbor, you name it I have every fear in the book imgainable and yet I somehow continue to make it through each day. Just writing about all of my fears is paralyzing, how can I possibly function? Laughing, ha ha ha, are you kidding me?

So you see, each day I fall down a new rabbit hole, each day I stumble on some new information, something that wakes me up just a little bit more. I thought I would start to blog about my rabbit holes and where they take me each day, what new knowledge I gain, what new insight I experience, and what new perspective I recieve from it. This is my journey, you can join me or leave me, but here you will find me in my rabbit hole each day. It will be a wild ride, that much I can promise you, and maybe you will gain some insight of your own along the way. Either way, I am happy to finally be putting thought to type and get it out there for myself and for others. Until I stumble into my next rabbit hole.