What My Clients Are Saying


Tara M

I recently saw Amanda while watching her Alba Weinman session and I felt a kindred connection with her. I immediately booked a session with Amanda and I’m truly glad I did. It was very healing, as I was able to complete a soul retrieval process with a past life that had been coming up to be cleared.  It was powerful and healing. As for the reading itself, it was so spot on... clear... concise and to the point.  She also was very helpful in suggesting certain books and additional tools to help in keeping my home and space clear. It was a fantastic experience and I recommend her to anyone!   “Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.” 
― Rudolf Steiner

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C. Stokes

For years I have been taking classes looking for personal and spiritual growth.  I was waiting for the grand epiphany that would let me know my life’s purpose.  During my sessions with Amanda I had an epiphany every time.  Amanda provided tools that helped me accept the patterns I adapted from the past which were minimizing my power and to change how I deal with things triggering behaviors in the present.  Amanda is a brilliant, intuitive, spiritual and empathic coach. Amanda‘s ability to tailor sessions to real life lessons were impressive.  She worked from her heart and soul to help me grow while she also grew better and better with each session.  You want an Amanda because she will provide real tools that one can use for the rest of your life.  Amanda will provide a mirror for you to look at, really see how much control you have over life’s decision and find your purpose when we let go of patterns that no longer serve you.  Amanda’s truth will ultimately help you find your truth.

Bryce Swanson

My name is Bryce Swanson and I am the Director of Business Development for a National Time and Attendance company. I was fortunate to have a booth near Amanda Pinkerman and her husband during a recent trade show.

During that conference I was experiencing severe pain in the Achilles tendon of my left foot.  Although I tried not to let it interfere with the conference, it was readily noticed by Amanda who sought to ease my discomfort. I was amazed at how quickly the pain subsided and how willing she was to assist me in my time of need.  Further discovery and consultation identified several root emotional challenges I was undergoing which led to an even deeper discussion around cause and effect within the body.

Although somewhat skeptical in the beginning, I was invited to participate in several Sole Purpose counseling sessions which has led to a new world of opportunity for me.  I learned that the opportunities (sometimes better known as challenges) we face on this planet will always be there, I just hadn’t given myself the authority to take advantage of them.  Through additional sessions and diligence on Amanda’s part, we were able to unload a rather hefty amount of emotional baggage which has opened up new insight into me, others around me and the choices I now make for myself.

Realizing that each of us is in control of how we respond to surrounding circumstances has immense positive advantages for anyone who seeks a better life. Sessions with Amanda were hard and sometimes awkward, but very rewarding.  They allowed me to become a stronger and happier individual. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve their life and the lives of those around them.  Amanda has patience and perseverance that will guide you to a richer and more positive outlook on your life as it is now and what it may become.

Lene B.

For my birthday last year, Amanda gave me some sessions as a gift. Initially I thought, "I don't need therapy. I have a great life and I'm very happy!" Nevertheless, I decided to have an open mind and redeem my gift. I'm so glad I did, because what I got from our time together was fulfilling, enlightening, and empowering.

Making the choice to talk to Amanda was not an admission that I was unhappy with life or that I was broken or crazy. But there were things from my upbringing that affected me - sometimes in a negative way. Things that distorted my perspective and fed my insecurities. Most people have issues from their past that interfere with their present, to varying degrees. I knew I did. Being able to talk in depth with someone about those things was extremely cathartic. There were several times where I cried - sobbed - and left feeling exhausted. It was such a process of release.

This was mainly beneficial for my relationship with my family, as I am often the biggest antagonist in our household. I perpetuate cycles in my current family that I hated from my past. My kids and husband don't deserve that burden and it's up to me to stop it. They are the most important people in my life.  Through Amanda, I've been able to recognize certain triggers that cause me angst. She taught me to halt unhealthy patterns and to look at situations with a less defensive perspective. How I choose to react is within my power.

Thank you, Amanda!

Sherri Wisdom-Fischer

Amanda Pinkerman, amazing hands on healer joined with her ability as an empath, body health, oils and emotional release, she is a true forerunner in learning to heal ourselves and this planet.  I have worked with healers in many spectrums of “Natural Health”, healing ourselves to heal the Reality we live in.  Amanda brings dimensional healing with a more progressive understanding of the mind, body, soul connection.  I admire Amanda’s dedication and continued self learning, she has inspired me to move forward in many aspects of my life and I am forever grateful.